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Ch 3: The Days of Imprisonment • The War of the Worlds audiobook • Book 2: The Earth Under the Martians

May 10, 2021

This was one of my favourite chapters to do because I totally forgot I'd already proofed it when I sat down to do that.

So far the Narrator has been a fairly blank slate, allowing us to project ourselves onto him so we can experience the martian invasion more personally, like the original Doom Guy.

Here though, it's quite striking how much the narrator's hatred for weakness, ill-discipline and inaction comes through the longer he spends with the curate.

I get the distinct feeling these are Wells' own dislikes coming through, as much as him just giving personality to his protagonist. What do you think?

Bonus Victorian Sexism Points to Wells for comparing the Curate to "a silly woman."

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The War of the Worlds is a public domain book, however this recording of it is copyright to me, RJ Bayley, 2021.

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