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Ch: 12 • What I Saw of the Destruction of Weybridge & Shepperton • The War of the Worlds audiobook • Book 1: The Coming of the Martians

May 10, 2021

***This is a re-upload of Book 1: Chapter 12. For some reason the end was cut off the last version, so here it is again. Apologies if it messes up your play order.***

The invaders decide they'd rather Weybridge and Shepperton not exist in a literally scorching set piece of destruction from the godfather of sci-fi.

It's at this point you wonder if, deep down, Wells just really liked describing humans getting messily annihilated.

My audiobook adaptation of H.G. Wells' legendary The War of the Worlds continues. Check out the rest of the playlist for the full book.

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I hope you’ll stick around for the next chapter.

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The War of the Worlds is a public domain book, however this recording of it is copyright to me, RJ Bayley, 2021.

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